Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are used to replace single teeth, several teeth, or all of them. Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone and act as an anchor for replacement teeth. Because a dental implant has the look and feel of a natural tooth, chewing and speaking are unaffected. Dental implants are also used to secure a dental bridge or dentures into place. Implant-supported dentures are ideal for patients who need all their teeth replaced because they provide more stability than traditional dentures. They also cost less than a complete set of single dental implants.

Dental implant procedures are usually a three-step process that require oral surgery, which may be provided by your dentist, a prosthodontist or an oral surgeon.

The first step involves your dentist drilling a hole into the jawbone where a titanium implant is screwed into place. Local anesthesia helps the patient to be comfortable during the procedure. Sedation is an option for anxious patients. The gum is then secured over the dental implant, which will remain covered long enough for it to undergo the process of osseointegration, which is when the implant actually fuses to the bone. Osseointegration usually takes three to six months.

As with any dental surgery, mild discomfort is to be expected as you heal.

If you want to increase the success of your dental implant surgery, focusing on your overall health if vital. Brush and floss regularly, eat well, and avoid smoking.

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) is the dental counterpart of a traditional medical CT scan, except that patients experience up to 10 times less exposure to radiation, and the scans themselves take less time to perform. CBCT scanners are also smaller than CT scanners and are often available right in your dentist’s office.

CBCT scans are painless. During a CBCT scan, you will sit in a normal, upright-seated position with your chin resting in a chin cup while a C-shaped arm rotates around your head. You’ll need to keep your eyes closed and remain as still as possible while the images are being taken, which takes less than a minute.

Missing teeth are more then just a dental health issue.They can affect your quality of life and self confidence.


Dental Implants are precisely placed with a Surgical Guide and restored with a natural tooth CEREC Crown.

The ugly missing tooth space has been brought back to life!

The result will enable the patient the ability to chew and display a BEAUTIFUL NEW SMILE!

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